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AusGasCo was formally granted ATP2070 on 13th September 2022

Substantial position with resource potential in the northern extent of the prolific Walloon Coal Measures production fairway

  • Area of 775 km2 (>191500 acres) 100% AusGasCo

  • Large inferred original gas in place

GLNG Roma East and Senex Roma North moderate resource density CSG analogue

Exploration tenure with six year term and a four year activities based work programme

  • Not subject to an Australian Market Supply Condition

Encouraging exploration, appraisal and development results in adjacent permits

  • QCLNG Production Leases to the south reported cumulative production >114 PJ in H2 2022 from 1092 wells online

  • QCLNG reported >45 PJ of 2P reserves and >240 PJ of 2C resources in Production Leases contiguous with ATP2070

  • GLNG reported 185PJ of 2C resources in H2 2021 ('Bridge Creek') within PCA219 which is contiguous with ATP2070

Attractive address proximal to infrastructure hubs with >800 TJ/day of processing capacity

  • QCLNG Woleebee Creek Gas Processing

  • Jemena Atlas Gas Processing

  • GLNG Scotia Gas Processing

  • Gas transmission options to domestic hubs and export markets

Project area synopsis

  • Moderate resource density Walloon Coal Measures CSG play

  • Offset drilling data infers the potential for >525PJ original-gas-in-place at resource densities >1.5PJ/km2

  • Analogous resource densities in places to the current Roma CSG field developments (GLNG and Senex Energy) and proposed Surat Gas Project (Arrow Energy)

  • Opportunity for accelerated low cost field development and delivery of gas into the Australian East Coast market with neighbouring operator coupling

  • Multiple development corridor options - ~20km to GLNG Scotia gas field infrastructure (90TJ/day capacity) and ~30km to QCLNG trunklines connected to Woleebee Creek gas processing infrastructure (>680TJ/day capacity)

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