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AusGasCo was formally granted ATP2064 and ATP2065 on 22nd February 2021 and ATP2071 on 13th September 2022

Potential material position in an emerging Early Permian Reids Dome Beds CSG play with secondary conventional targets

  • Combined area of 216 km2 (>53000 acres)

Exploration tenures with six year terms and a four year activities based work programme

  • ATP2071 is subject to an Australian Market Supply Condition

Encouraging exploration and appraisal results in adjacent permits

  • APLNG exploration and appraisal wells drilled northeast ATP2065 (including four 'Reids' wells)

  • GLNG appraisal wells drilled in 2022 northeast of ATP2064 ('Cattle Creek' wells)

  • GLNG reported >118 PJ 2P reserves attributed to the Early Permian coals to the northeast in H2 2021

  • APLNG Hydrus 2D Seismic Survey (2012)

  • GLNG Taringa East 2D Seismic Survey (2017)

  • APLNG West Spring Gully 3D seismic acquisition and processing completed 2023

  • Surrounded by petroleum license and potential commercial area tenures

Attractive address central to infrastructure hub

  • APLNG Spring Gully Gas Processing

  • APLNG Spring Gully to Gooimbah pipeline

  • GLNG Fairview Gas Processing

  • GLNG pipeline, PPL118

  • Jemena QGP pipeline, PPL 30

Project area synopsis

  • Early Permian CSG primary target

    • High resource density potential in the Reids Dome beds of >9PJ/km2 in places​

    • High gas content and gas saturated coals

    • High offset permeabilities

    • Ideal depth range for Permian CSG

    • Interpretation of the West Spring Gully 3D seismic survey and historical 2D seismic infers the potential for thick pervasive Early Permian coals in ATP2065 and ATP2071

  • Secondary potential for Bandanna Formation CSG and conventional gas in Early Permian Sandstones

  • Exploration and appraisal success could be rapidly progressed to development and gas supply to the Australian East Coast gas market

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